Monday, 20 August 2012

Week Twenty Eight

Hi! Well this week has been alright I suppose, but I have been a little bit irritated during the last part of the week. The missionary work was very good though, although not all speak English very well. There is this couple, an English guy and a Hungarian lady, who we taught we gave her a book of Mormon the first visit and had a nice chat with them both, but the next time she came over she had talked to her son and he said that we believe in a different bible. She assumed that the bible that we used wasn't the bible and she was comparing the Hungarian bible with the English bible and the names are pronounced differently and she was like "see different!" she thinks she knows what she is talking about but really she has no idea. Her husband grasped it though he understood; he even read the introduction of the book of Mormon. But we think that she threw out the book of Mormon we gave her because she thought it was something else. no worries though we have a Hungarian couple in the church here and are bringing them to the next appointment we have with them, and hopefully the lady's son will be there also and we will be able to explain things to him also and it will be all butterfly's and baptisms:P we have a zone conference this week on Thursday that I am looking forward to. I’m hoping that all the mail that has been sent to me is there. People kind of annoy me a lot…….. I think what I enjoy most about this area is walking on the beach and looking for some pretty rocks... well i gtg, hope to hear from you. ~Elder Onychuk PS- The church is true, the gospel is true, and if people would just take some time to find out for themselves they would know it also!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Week Twenty-seven

Hey, things are going fine another transfer is over and I have a new companion in Gorleston, his name is Elder Alarcon and he is from Mexico he has been out just under a year and we get along fine. I might have to start learning Portuguese again :P because that’s mostly who he stops. Sounds like your still having a good time, my birthday packages are not here yet sadly but should get them soon. I suppose I am getting better at stopping people but its still not quite there yet. Sorry I didn’t write you last Monday, I didn’t feel like writing anyone really :P just one of those days. gah seems like there is always one spider on me somewhere -flick-... spiders are everywhere here good thing they don’t scare me :) ~Love Elder Onychuk