Monday, 30 April 2012

Week Thirteen

April 30th 2012 I had a pretty awesome week, thanks so much for the recipes and a thank you to Auntie Debby as well!!! I have been telling some members about my mother’s hunny curry chicken and they are interested in it. I’ll share the recipe with them and it will be legendary! lol. had a great experience this week, we met an 18 year old girl named Andraia she doesn’t speak a word of English and only understands a little of Elder Silva’s Spanish. (she speaks Italian) so we met her before she was waiting for someone to come pick her up and we thought she was the person who lived in the house she was sitting in front of. She was on the phone so we went up the road a bit and came back after she was finished talking, found out she spoke no English then gave her a pass along card and her ride came. Pretty boring right? well about 2 days later we saw her again she was sitting on some stairs, I didn’t recognize her, we went to a couple drop by’s and taught a lesson then came back (about 2h), she was still there (it was 8:45) so Elder Silva asked her if everything was ok. She was waiting for someone again but they didn’t show up and her phone was dead. we called a member who spoke Italian and she talked to her, she couldn’t remember a phone #, and so we told her to come with us back to our apartment (she waited outside) thinking that she had her phone charger with her, but she didn’t. I brought a map out to see if she could find a street she knew, no luck, and then elder Silva talked some more with her and found out she could find her way back home if we took her to town center. So we escorted her to town center and she recognized how to get home she said thank you and went her way. that’s it :P no conversion but I am pretty sure she will remember that we are good people and maybe the next missionary who comes here will be able to speak Italian :P it was just a cool experience for me, and even though I didn’t do much I was glad to be of service. The food here is awesome by the way! Had some south African food yesterday it was tasty and some wild berry cheese cake for dessert. I should probably prepare more to write, notes or something to make writing emails quicker and easier. Here are some more picks (of me this time :P). Well I love you all!!! Thanks for the messages Dakotah and Hyrum!!!! Miss ya both tons! I’ll try to write more letters :P glad dad is doing better! And I look forward to hearing more from everyone next week!!! Loves you all past space! Cheers! tea and crumpets, and all that gahaha!!! TAH TAH!!! -Elder Onychuk

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Week Twelve

April 22, 2012 Hello sounds like the usual around home :P lol Doug and his guns that’s unfortunate, can he get them back somehow? ya I figured that there is a lot of Thomson’s around but I thought I would ask because it would be cool if he was. I got the young women card yesterday, thank you for the candy and card it was entertaining :D the candy didn’t last long though ate it all pretty quick like. Also I got a goody bag from Jerri and a drawing from Emma. The kids around here are all about their scooters even little 4-5 year olds are ripping around on three wheeled scooters, and they get going pretty fast also :P. had stake conference in a theater it was pretty good I enjoyed the talks there is a guy going on his mission to Toronto Canada around here somewhere I don’t know which city he is from. read a bit on developing talents and marriage and such (an investigator wants to know about are standing on marriage and divorce and the such. learned that if you want to discover talents you can pray to have them reveled to you soooo that seemed sorta obvious but something I never tried so I am starting to pray to have my talents reviled to me, of course I know some already but the hidden ones and such, and praying for opportunity’s to develop them. little Chevauna is already a month old? go figure eh? :P time is going by pretty quick and they say it goes even quicker so pretty soon I’ll be home XD made chili this week, twice :D it was good reminded me of dad :P you forgot to get me recipes! I was going to make unbaked cookies this week but you forgot! oh well I love you anyway but don’t forget this week.... yep. That’s about it.. oh it has been raining a lot and there was hail a couple days. Love you bunch you’re the best! -Elder Onychuk

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Week Eleven

Hello. It has taking me a while to have a chance to write home this week. We had zone meeting/ pday so everything was kinda gumbled after the libraries computers where not working yesterday morning so we had to do it today. I am doing good, and I still haven’t got the parcel the young women sent but I’ll probably get it this week, the zone leaders are going to London and will pick up the mail when they are there. There is an Elder Thompson here in the zone (he is the new zone leader) I am wondering if he is related to uncle Hugh at all pretty sure that Thompson is a really common last name though. We had a really pleasant lunch/discussion with a catholic lady and her husband their names are Jenny and Terry, they are both really nice and good people and I really hope that they take an interest in the restored gospel, the lady Jenny is a really strong catholic and she shared her conversion to being a catholic with us, I really hope she will read the book of Mormon and ponder and pray about it to know if it is true. Well I have more pictures to send so I’ll do that only got half way through last time. -love you! -Elder Onychuk PS I want the unbaked cookie recipe and any others that are easy to make, oh and the honey curry chicken :D I am going to make chili this week :D
week :D

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Week Ten: Another week, another day, another hour to send memories away :P

HELLO, yesterday the computers were down so I couldn’t send an email :( but it’s all good now. Send ya some pictures but I can’t put all of them on at once so I’ll have to make multiple emails.
My week was good things are going great, have a baptismal date with a solid guy named Shain, he was a member referral and is studying the Book Of Mormon, and has a great desire to learn. Other investigators are progressing slowly but everyone learns at their own rate.
I am feeling pretty darn good, transfers where this week and I discovered that I will be staying in Chelmsford with Elder Silva for another 6 weeks, should be good I am going to be more diligent in learning Portuguese :P I am going to try to get more pictures up loaded so I’ll talk to you more next time!

- PS my favorite scripture is in Alma when he goes to preach to
the zoromites and says a prayer before they depart I can’t remember
the chapter or verse but have fun finding it. It is awesome!!!

Lots of love Elder Onychuk!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Week Nine

Hello, everything is going well over here. General Conference was good. I didn’t take notes, didn’t have paper but meh it will be in the ensign.

Work over with the Assistant to the President was good; his name was elder Parlimaiglim.... or Elder P haha. I have no idea how to spell his name. But things went really good. That day with him was amazing! We were guided so much it was kinda hard to believe. Oh I also didn’t get to go to London I stayed in Chelmsford for the work over.

The next day went well also. Finally started to talk to people but only really in the park where I don’t have to stop anyone. I like walking up to the people feeding the ducks or just reading a book. Bibiann is one of our investigators we haven’t seen her this week but hope to this week. We had a great lesson with a man named Phillip taught him lesson 1 (Restoration) it was a pretty solid lesson and we could feel the spirit, hopefully he will read and ponder the Book of Mormon and pray. Met a family (I think their name is the Bases) Keith and Merissa, they have 3 kids and one that will be born pretty soon. We taught the restoration and they both seemed eager to learn more and they said they would read the Book of Mormon together so that is good.

Well I love you lots!! I’ll talk to you again next week!

-Elder Onychuk