Monday, 28 May 2012

Week Seventeen

I took some questions to church this Sunday and they were all answered. It’s funny because we always tell people to come to church with a question in mind but I have never done it until now. It WORKS! I even got chastened through the words in hymn #221 it says, “Will you not seek for my lost ones, out in the dessert astray?” Try it out :) Love Elder Onychuk

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Week Sixteen

Things are going well. Elder Halaphi (from Cape Town South Africa) and I are acquiring more investigators and some of them look pretty good for baptism but we will see how things turn out. One of our investigators said not to come by again because a “very learned” person at her Baptist church told her not to see us. She blindly followed his advice… sometimes I don’t like people. Actually a lot of time I don’t like people, but that is beside the point. I still have been sharing a lot of the December 2010 talk “Fear Not” it’s so good and has become one of my most favorite talks on my mission so far. You should read it. I have been doing a lot of walking. Fun fun. It is good for me (I suppose) I have been slipping a bit in the exercising every morning goal but sometimes I reason that a set of push ups is enough, I hope to hear from you all soon. I’m alive everyone! -Elder Onychuk

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Week Fifteen

Ello!! How art thou. well we got the calls for transfers and such and I am staying put, Elder Silva is moving on and becoming a Zone Leader, and I am getting a new companion Elder Halappie (I do not know how to spell it) he is South African so it should be fun. That’s about all that is happening with me but it’s pretty exciting. umm not really much to say not much progress with any investigators, it has been difficult to get in contact with them, oh we do have one new investigator we taught yesterday she is also south African so that will be fun for her and Elder halappie to chat I cant remember her name but I am sure it will pop out when I see it I know it starts with a j... well in closed is a picture of unbaked cookies that I have made last week, enjoy!! :D but ya everything is going fairly well I read the December 2010 ensign and enjoyed it thoroughly it has many great stories and lessons in it my favorite one was "fear not" I think it was called it talked about Mary and Joseph and what the angels advised them and such it was really good. Anyways I’ll be off to write Doug or someone I suppose so have a great week and enjoy yourself! -Elder Onychuk

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Week Fourteen

May 8, 2012 Yo how art thou? Things aren’t to shabby now for my I got to talk to President Patch (interviews) and got some solid advice that I will apply to the best of my ability. I got a letter from Travis and Robin and 2 from Malawnie so that was cool hate having to wait for someone to go to London to pick them up but it’s alright for me... I suppose. I didn’t know wards took turns cleaning the Temple :P shows how much I know but it sounds like a wonderful experience. Well I kind of expected that my little nieces and nephews would grow up a bit on my mission :P but that is pretty cool that Ben will receive the priesthood soon :D I shall try to take more pictures but I am trying not to be touristy. Chelmsford is a little ways away from London I would quite explain it as Kelowna and west bank ish because everything is close together here. Things are trudging along time always seems to go by fast for me maybe it’s just the way I think of it. hmm any noteworthy stories this week... hmmmm... ummm... ughhhh!! My brain!! (extreme thinking face!!) UMMMMMMM........ oh well I suppose that we have 2 baptisms on the way one is a less actives daughter who is turning 8 soon and wants to be baptized (her mom has recently become active but it’s not recognized as such till 6months or so I think), and another is also a less activeish family that has a 10 year old daughter who wants to be baptized. sooooo thats kool kinda free bees but meh I’ll take what I can get ;) haha just joking they are awesome people I love their family. You didn’t give me any details about mother’s day calls mummy!!! ummm so the 13th is a Sunday I have a dinner appointment after church with an American family that has calling to the states ish area soo I will try to call you at about, oh wait ugh you have church at 10...... ummm I’ll be at the family at 5ish till 6ish so around 6-7 I can give you a call ugh how about I give you a call at 7 (12 for you) that should give you chance for sacrament and such but then I suppose you have young women’s to go to.... gah... whatever special occasion! So I will call home at 7 (12) so I’ll try the home phone first then your if no answer. Hope that is good for you! If not then I suppose I will try at a better time. Well I suppose I will say good bye :P oh had work over with 2 of the three zone leaders which was fun they ate all the unbaked cookies I made though... >:( one of them played WOW so we had a little chat about that :B and yep! Love you bunches MOM AND DADDY thank you for your prayers!!! -Elder Onychuk