Thursday, 26 April 2012

Week Twelve

April 22, 2012 Hello sounds like the usual around home :P lol Doug and his guns that’s unfortunate, can he get them back somehow? ya I figured that there is a lot of Thomson’s around but I thought I would ask because it would be cool if he was. I got the young women card yesterday, thank you for the candy and card it was entertaining :D the candy didn’t last long though ate it all pretty quick like. Also I got a goody bag from Jerri and a drawing from Emma. The kids around here are all about their scooters even little 4-5 year olds are ripping around on three wheeled scooters, and they get going pretty fast also :P. had stake conference in a theater it was pretty good I enjoyed the talks there is a guy going on his mission to Toronto Canada around here somewhere I don’t know which city he is from. read a bit on developing talents and marriage and such (an investigator wants to know about are standing on marriage and divorce and the such. learned that if you want to discover talents you can pray to have them reveled to you soooo that seemed sorta obvious but something I never tried so I am starting to pray to have my talents reviled to me, of course I know some already but the hidden ones and such, and praying for opportunity’s to develop them. little Chevauna is already a month old? go figure eh? :P time is going by pretty quick and they say it goes even quicker so pretty soon I’ll be home XD made chili this week, twice :D it was good reminded me of dad :P you forgot to get me recipes! I was going to make unbaked cookies this week but you forgot! oh well I love you anyway but don’t forget this week.... yep. That’s about it.. oh it has been raining a lot and there was hail a couple days. Love you bunch you’re the best! -Elder Onychuk

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