Saturday, 21 April 2012

Week Eleven

Hello. It has taking me a while to have a chance to write home this week. We had zone meeting/ pday so everything was kinda gumbled after the libraries computers where not working yesterday morning so we had to do it today. I am doing good, and I still haven’t got the parcel the young women sent but I’ll probably get it this week, the zone leaders are going to London and will pick up the mail when they are there. There is an Elder Thompson here in the zone (he is the new zone leader) I am wondering if he is related to uncle Hugh at all pretty sure that Thompson is a really common last name though. We had a really pleasant lunch/discussion with a catholic lady and her husband their names are Jenny and Terry, they are both really nice and good people and I really hope that they take an interest in the restored gospel, the lady Jenny is a really strong catholic and she shared her conversion to being a catholic with us, I really hope she will read the book of Mormon and ponder and pray about it to know if it is true. Well I have more pictures to send so I’ll do that only got half way through last time. -love you! -Elder Onychuk PS I want the unbaked cookie recipe and any others that are easy to make, oh and the honey curry chicken :D I am going to make chili this week :D
week :D

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  1. My son Onychuk that centainly made me feel missionsick! Hahahaha love you man!