Monday, 4 June 2012

Week Eighteen

Hey things are going alright I suppose. Is Canada celebrating the Queens jubilee over there? It has been a big thing here. It’s the Queens jubilee for these next two days. A lot of shops are closed for it and we had a ward jubilee/ helping hands party. We had about 40 mentally handicapped people come they did dancing and such. We had carnival games set up like guessing how much candy is in the jar and we had food, it was pretty fun. We were not allowed to proselyte there which is understandable, they told us to come in normal clothes so we just enjoyed it and helped set up tables and chairs. It was good fun I wish I took more pictures but I’ll ask the ward for some. Having that party kind of made me a little home sick. I was just thinking about getting my life together after my mission, it’s exciting to think about but not really something I should be focusing on right now. I’m going to do my three hours of driving instruction on Wednesday sot that will be fun. President patch asked me if I had it done yet and he pretty much commanded me to do it this transfer. Haha. I think that I might be moving to a driving area after this transfer, I heard that there are not many missionaries that do there three hours of driving instruction, my new companion is alright just a very different culture again its wird that culture is so different in many place. He is a nice guy and works hard but has many facial expressions that make me think that he is thinking something; I don’t know it’s just wired. -Elder Onychuk

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