Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Week One: First week at the MTC!


I didn't give away a pass along card on the trip over but the Sister that I traveled with talked with a guy. I was sitting in front and had an extra book of Mormon so I gave it to her to give to him and a mormon.org card.

On the flight from Toronto to London I flew with a Sister and an Elder... their names escape me at the moment. From London to Manchester we picked up an Elder from Australia and Elder Epple, who is one of my room mates, he is from Africa. And yes the flight went very well :)

It's weird being in England. I haven't been around much but there is a lot of cloud cover, I only saw bits and pieces of sky today.

I didn't have bad jet lag at all really...

My first companions name is Elder Ensing, he is from New Zealand and is a really cool guy, hilarious, and loves to sing and long board and is kinda self destructive before he came on his mission. Wheelies at 120mph and such... ya lol

The MTC in Preston England is a full new group of Elders and Sisters and it's always a full new group coming in right after the old group leaves. I enjoy it a lot but have been getting progressively sleepier at studies and such lately. I'll take some pictures of the awesome pond out side. :D

We get to teach teachers who act like an investigator that they converted when they were missionaries. It's really fun but I have felt that I haven't been preparing well enough, but it's going well.

LOVE YOU LOTS, I am really happy over here and doing great so don't worry about me a bit. Let me know if anything exciting happens ;)

Elder Onychuk

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  1. Good to hear how your first bit of MTC is going. Love, Jerri