Friday, 24 February 2012

Week Two: Pretty much a professional at the MTC now.

Tuesday 21, 2011

Everything is going good! I blanked first day proselyting through could not talk for the life of me.

I have been doing fine, just trying to learn how to study better and such.

I have been to the temple two times now but I love our Vancouver temple more.

Everyone went on a church history tour of the Preston area this week. We saw the buildings where the first missionaries stayed, some baptismal sites, and where Gordon B. Hinckley stayed on his mission.

Did you know that elder walker is the MTC president here, and that Sister Walker is Gordon B. Hinckley's daughter? So that's neat.

Elder Ensing is going to the Birmingham Mission, and we have been getting along he is the complete opposite of me though haha. Kinda a goof.

A spiritual experience I had this week is I bawled my eyes out watching Joseph Smith "Prophet of the restoration", so ya, it hit me good.

My days are pretty normal when it comes to sleep and waking up, I exercise every morning so I haven't put on much weight. Only 8lbs but you know that's pure muscle ;)

My teachers are amazing I love them both; Sister Smith and Brother Rojas. We pretty much got the best teachers around.

We had Elder Kerr of the 70 come over for a devotional. He was pretty cool. Other than that we have just watched videos of others.

There have been two days of pure blue sky since I've been here :)

Love all of you back there so much and wish you the best!

Elder Onychuk


  1. I know right? haha That is what I thought when I read it. I sure miss him!