Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Week Three: A Man of few words.....

Hey, won’t be able to say anything extensive today leaving tomorrow to the mission field so I’ll talk to you next week.

Random side note I gained 12-14 pounds in the MTC but it’s all muscle right? :P

-Elder Onychuk


  1. Okay so... Every week I slave on Stuart's blog, I really do I'm OCD about it. All I ask of him is that he answers the questions that I email him... well I guess he is in a hurry getting things ready before he leaves to London this week and he didn't even answer my email. Not even ONE question I had for him. But a wonderful thing happened to get rid of most of my disappointment... The Preston MTC sent lots of pictures! So you can't blame me for using this picture against him... right?

  2. Nice Stu, lol. But at least you're getting into the mission field so you can get some work done, so excited for you :) Love you Cuz!