Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Week Five: Settling into my first area: Chelmsford

March 6, 2012

I am doing a lot better now and am going to improve this week for sure. Just so you all know mail takes 12 days to get here....

The first week here was good. We had zone conference on p-day and that was tons of fun. Although I did hyper extend my right leg a bit-- slide into a piano and white board and slam my right kneecap into a wall.... other than that it was awesome :D lol Maybe I got too competitive... but although it sounds bad it’s not impairing me too much, it felt a lot better in the morning and I can walk fine, just can’t jump

Well... lay overs are soonish I don’t really know when but I’ll be out with the zone leaders today cause they are interviewing Carlos for his baptism on the 10th. Can’t really count it as my first baptism cause he only speaks Portuguese.. my companion Elder Sylva says that he will teach me on language study cause there are so many catchers here that it would come in handy to know. So I might be learning a lot of languages here after all if that’s what I am supposed to do XD

I Still haven’t stopped anyone on the street to talk to them but that’s going to change today/this week.

Wish we had a mission car in this area so I could learn how to drive here :P I think I am learning the ropes just by watching other people drive though. I’m surprised I haven’t seen a car accident yet though the roads here are stupid crazy...

I have a hard time studying in the morning, today was ok, but I usually doze off a bit if not a lot
haha. Another thing to improve on yay :P

I’ll have to remember to bring my camera and upload some pictures for everyone not much of a picture taker though... lots of pictures of the swan, ducks, and Canadian geese.... and the pond... yep lol. So many song birds around here it’s very nice you can hear them all day. Lots of types of birds I haven’t seen before also. I’ll ask someone what they are called some time.

Let’s see... most interesting guy we have run into yet was a Buddhist man, maybe early 30's my comp talked to him the train ride over to an interview cause he is a District Leader. He was a pleasant guy to listen to and had read a bit of the book of Mormon. Elder Sylva invited him to look at mormon.org and to read some more of the book of Mormon (he said he still has it) and that was as far as we got. Very nice guy though.

I got to meet the ward but it was fasting testimony meeting and I didn’t want to take up time to say hi... I’ll do it next Sunday probably maybe I should touch up my talks... but ya, got to go to 2 dinner appointments to very pleasant families and ate some wonderful food.

My love to everyone that likes to see what I am up to over here XD and can’t wait for more mail!

Cheers <------- English word haha weirdos lol... love ‘em to bits :P

-Elder Onychuk

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