Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Week Twenty!

Hello, it’s always great to get letters! It makes me glad to hear from friends! Things haven’t been going too band I got the calls for our moves yesterday and I am going to Goreston-on-sea, yup, right beside the sea so that will be fun! Also President Patch is leaving and we are getting a New Mission president named President Jordon so we will see how that goes. To tell you the truth I am glad to get away from Elder Hlalaphi I didn’t get along with him too well. My new companion will be Elder Fisher but I don’t know much about him yet. I am going to miss the members here, they are awesome and I’m defiantly going to have to come back and visit them after my mission. Has Dakota been updating Josh’s blog? I want to see how he is doing. I am sending him a letter today but won’t get an answer for a while. Chelsea you should send me pictures of Megan’s wedding :D those might come in handy. I’ll be like “she didn’t even send me a dear john letter” :( lol. That would be good fun. How is everyone in Merritt? I am going to write Travis and Dakotah pretty soon. I am trying to get better at stopping people; it’s my biggest problem at the moment. Well I’ll tell you more about my new area when I get there! -Elder Onychuk

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