Monday, 2 July 2012

Week Twenty-one

Hello! Everything is going well in Gorleston now and it’s really exciting to be in a new area. On transfer day I had a fever (it wasn’t very pleasent and it took about 5 hours to get home. We had to wait at Diss for one hour or so because the train lines in between Norwitch and Diss were broken. The night before I couldn’t sleep well at all and maybe only got two hours of sleep. The first night in Gorleston was also pretty bad; you know how my fevers are (for those who don’t know I always get pretty delusional). I had a bad “trip” and thought that I was supposed to put my blanket on myself 1000 times or something silly like that and I didn’t know how I was ever going to do it. I was scared and upset almost to the point of tears. I wanted to wake up my companion and explain my ‘dilemma’ but I didn’t want to wake him up so I ended up saying a prayer and made my bed and got in and somehow got to sleep. I wonder what Heavenly Father thought when he heard that prayer – “Glad We got this kid born in the church, couldn’t stand it if I had to listen to his prayers after he was taking some bad drugs” :P I know He wouldn’t say that but that’s what I would say. Haha. But ya, the day after there was a funeral of someone in the ward so we went to that, it was nice to hear the funny stories of that man’s life. On Saturday we had a baptism which was cool, it seems that I swoop in and take the credit all the time :P Emma is her name and she is a really nice lady. She was just married to her husband Steven on Monday that week. She is really studious; Elder Fisher would give her what they were going to teach her next and she would actually study it and know the material by the time they came for her next lesson. We also met with a really nice man named Derik (who is in his 50’s I think) and is really interested in the church. He walked up to Elders Fisher and Ward (a few days before transfers) and said you’re not going to convert me I just want to know what your church is about. Then at the end of the lesson we had with him he asked “now if I was to decide to join this church what would be the procedure?” or something to that extent. So he looks really good, we hope to see him as soon as he get some of his business in order. Well here are some pictures of you all. Love you! -Elder Onychuk

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  1. My son your comments are really cool, I actually loved it! Wish you the best!