Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Week Twenty-two

HI! How’s life? Well I think I’ll tell you my dodgiest mission story as of late. So there was a zone leader correlation meeting where all the district, trainers, and follow up trainers were invited. We were going to wake up early to catch a bus to Norwich but the zone leaders phoned us and said we could just come over and spend the night. So we waited for the bus for 20 minutes but we accidently missed the bus we were going to take. We desperately took the next bus to the station where the other one would stop but to no avail; we were two minutes late for it! So we waited another 30 minutes and took the next bus. We arrived in Norwich at 9:45 and called the zone leaders, they asked us if we knew where there flat was but we didn’t and the told us to walk to the forum (a library). We walked up the road through the dodgiest part of town you know the street with all the strip clubs and normal clubs. Although, can you call clubs normal? anyways... ya I didn’t know they were strip clubs and when we finally got by all the sketchy bouncers and the flirty girls (they were flirting with the bouncers not us.... unfortunately in some cases, Hallelujah in others... some of the girls weren’t too pretty let’s just leave it at that) and Elder Fisher informed me that we past about 5 of them haha. Good old missionary tales. Then we waited at marks and spencer’s (a food store) and a homeless guy asked us for some spare change. Then after that we finally got picked up/saved up by the other missionaries. Yay! soooooooooooooooooooooo yep that is my exciting story for the week, Look forward for some more!!! Maybe I’ll talk about missionary work next time who knows ;P anyways Love you long time !!!! -Your friendly neighborhood Sp-i-.... Missionary.... Elder Onychuk!!! woot Cheeers!!! Haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa!!! ~CLAPPING~ "man he is so fantastic at spelling English." :O "I am going to name my children after him!!!" "I know right he is sooooooo humble not to mention handsome!" ;D....... Love from birthday boy of 23 years! And thanks for all the birthday wishes!

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