Monday, 30 July 2012

Week Twenty-five

Hello stranger!!! haha! Things have been going pretty well over here and I have been having a lot of fun. Missionary work is kind of dead in this area, people don’t care at all and hardly anyone stops for us. The most successful 2 days we have had were Wednesday and Thursday, Wednesday we had district meeting then went to Emma and Steven's karate dojo, where they were having a BBQ so we went there and helped out and ended up pretty much teaching a lesson to one of Steven's nephews, he had a lot of questions most of them where not his he would just look up questions to stump a Mormon missionary and read them out to Steven and he asked us a couple of them. He eventually started using some of his own questions such as "If people believe in it so much why do they not live it?" reason being his dad is less active but doesn’t deny the church but doesn’t really want to go back ether, and also Steven had his stumbles also, oh and i suppose his grandpa also he has been divorced twice. So he is really confused about that but what he really needs to do (if he really wants to find out) is read the Book of Mormon and pray about it! But it takes time for everyone. We also found out that there is a less active member that works at the dojo also named Rosie and she has wanted to come back to church! so she is coming next Sunday with Emma! it’s a gold mine in that dojo! I think even one of their kick boxers Alfie is interested also. he is the same age as Stevens nephew (16) and was listening to us talk to Conner (Stevens nephew) almost the whole time. That was a supper good day, and all we had to do was sit around at the dojo. on Thursday we had a multi faith fair at the jams Paget hospital, in the chapel area, there where religions that I have never heard of like Bajah's(or something like that) Qu- ehkers(pronunciation otherwise I probably would have spelt Quakers...). There were also wika's (witches... I know right?) Catholics (of course) Christian science, Islamic, and Muslims. It was pretty interesting but being in there gave me and Elder Fisher a head ache. we handed out about 5-7 books of Mormon and had some interesting conversations... it was pretty fun. oh and we had one of our potential investigators come to it, and another potential that I thought where we were going to meet before but it was actually that day at the library, she came and we gave her a book of Mormon so that was a miracle :P. the funnest thing we have been doing is Kick Boxing on Tuesdays 7-8 and Thursdays also. Non-contact of course :D its sooo much fun and a great work out, we get to go free because its Steven and Emma's Dojo haha. Elder Fisher and I are going to become professional kick boxers!! haha. other than all the cool stuff I have been getting a little better at stopping people and my studies have been improving I think, I do have some things to work on but I am not going to list them out ;) oh we also watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and that was cool! My favorite part (probably everyone’s favorite) was Mr. Bean!!! Oh my goodness it was just too funny when you saw him playing that key board and stuff! If you haven’t watched it you should!! But I have no doubt that you have. I can just imagine how hard Jerri and the kids were laughing! It was just too good! ~Elder Onychuk!

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