Monday, 23 July 2012

Week Twenty-four

Hey! ahh it’s so satisfying to type on a keyboard... anyway... I got a postcard from Kaden so I’m going to write him back today. I am pretty far from the Olympic Games so its not extra busy here. It is very busy in great Yarmouth. It is a touristy place here although no one likes to talk to missionaries; in fact they can’t even be bothered to answer simple questions. People keep on saying no after you attempt to talk to them even saying “no” to "have a good day".... it’s pretty slow here. But I love all the seagulls and the sea. Jerri sent a lot of pictures and blog stuff, it was neat to see Karlyn, Ben, Isaac and Emma. They are already very different looking. I didn’t really realize how sporty the family is! I had interviews with the new mission president Pres. Jordon. He is a nice guy. I am really hoping to improve this week, I didn’t do that good this week, but I am going to start stopping people and not care about what happens after (I’ll start caring after I get comfortable with stopping :P). The weather here is finally starting to warm up, it has been raining and thundering a lot the past week. Hope to hear from you next week so tah tah for now! ~Elder Onychuk

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