Monday, 26 March 2012

Week Eight

Hey. I LOVE YOU!!!

Things are good, glad to hear that everything is going good. We had a couple investigators come to church I am glad that Bibiann was able to make it I knew she would come. It sounds like a lot is happing while I am gone. Figures hey, when I am there nothing happens when I leave everything happens at once haha. Well I am still struggling to talk to people and I am not very good at studying but I want to get better (even thought my attitude sometimes says otherwise).

Janine finally got a dark haired girl! About time I am surprised Chevauna isn’t a blondie, this one might look like Janine (watch it turn blond). Chelsea sent me a picture of her, she is a cutie. But they are funner when they are 2 years old anyway haha so I am not missing out.

I got a haircut today I would send pictures but I forgot my camera today so next time, I’ll take more pictures also to make things more interesting. I haven’t been able to weigh myself but I am pretty sure I weigh more than I did in the MTC. I work out every morning (except Sundays) and some times in the evening as well, and walking around gives me my cardio (sorta). I would like to run more but I know if I get the opportunity I would probably not want to at the time. But ya I can defiantly see a difference in my body but we will see what happens at the end of my mission :P .

Not many experiences that I can think of that are wonderful... but the members are cool and I love them all (and their food). I’m trying to learn the area better I have a map now so that helps. Names still escape me but that might be a lack of effort on my part.

The ward mission leader went on Google maps on his I pad and found where I lived, I got to see a satellite image of home and I realised how lucky we are to live in Canada. I could see the garden of dads 2 years back, it was pretty neat.

Still haven’t got the package yet but it is probably at the mission home in London but I’ll be going there this week to have a work over with the Assistants to the President so they can check up on how I am doing and whip me into shape.

Missing everyone a bunch and wish I could see them. The weeks seem to go by pretty fast though so that’s good and I have already been out for over a month, so I have no doubt time will fly and I’ll be home in no time, a better Stu ready for the life ahead :P (ya right then I will have to learn how to take care of myself for real, not to mention finding a wife)

Love to Julia Bennett and Georgie for writing me sadly I can’t write them back (rules and time will not allow :P)
Love you all and new baby Chevauna (Doug finally got some kind of truck name out there hehe) take care have an awesome week.

-Elder Onychuk

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